Game Information Tens or Better

Tens or Better

Tens or Better Jacks or Better MH is a video poker game that represents the old and beloved version of video poker with a multi-hand option. It is a dynamic game with a different and modern design.
Tens or Better

How to play Tens or Better

• Increase the value: increase the value by clicking on +.
• Reduce the value: decrease the value by clicking on -.
• Give the cards - Distribute the cards in the appropriate places.
• Hold: click on each letter you want to keep.
• Bet - Start the bonus round after a winning hand.
• Collect: collect the value won and end the round.
• Hands: change the number of hands for the game.
Bonus Games
When the bet starts, at least one round of betting must be done before the pickup.
Beat the Dealer
The bank card is distributed face up. Select one of the four cards face down by clicking on it. If your letter is higher than that of the bank, you double your profit. If it is lower than that of the bank, you lose your profit.
The results of the same value are equal.
You can even use the "Keyboard shortcuts" setting within the bet mode. When using the NUMERIC keys, press:
• The numbers from 1 to 5 correspond to the letters from left to right. When using the DIRECTION keys, press:
• For LEFT or RIGHT to toggle the selected card.
• UP or DOWN to confirm the selection.
Unfinished Games
If the game round is stopped, all game information and bets placed are stored until the game is reopened. You can continue your round not completed from the point of interruption. The malfunction cancels all payments and plays.

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