Game Information Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack Our Blackjack stays faithful to the style of real casinos.
Participants may play in 4 different tables with different kinds of prizes, two of which offer super attractive bets up to u$s 1500.
Play live with real croupiers and interact immediately with them and with your opponents.
Feel the emotion of being at a real casino, from your own home!

Live Blackjack

How to play Live Blackjack

  • Play for fun or deposit funds.
  • Make your bet by clicking on the chips.
  • Clear Bet. Renew your bet.
  • Rebet. Repeat your bet.
  • Your bet made, you can deal (DEAL) Cards.
  • You can keep your cards (STAND), Ask for more cards (HIT) or double your bet (DOUBLE)
  • Blackjack is when your cards get the total 21 points. The winner is who reaches or get closer to 21 points.
  • This game does not have JackPot.
  • You need Adobe ShockWave Player to run this software. Click on the homepage. 

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