Game Information Cyber Stud Poker

Cyber Stud Poker

Cyber Stud Poker Come try Cyberstud Poker, a favorite of poker enthusiasts who like to use simple strategies. Challenge the dealer on this skill game to find out who completes the strongest hand!
Cyber Stud Poker

How to play Cyber Stud Poker

The objective of the game is to complete the game with the strongest hand.

This game:
Is played with one standard deck of 52 playing cards that is shuffled before each game.
Requires the Dealer to have an Ace-King combination or higher to qualify.
Counts an Ace as high for any Straight.
Has no wild cards.

Your ante remains on the table until you call or fold.
The Call bet is equal to double the ante.
The Dealer must have an Ace-King combination or higher to qualify.
If the Dealer's hand does not qualify, you are paid your Call bet and double your ante, regardless of your hand ranking.
If the Dealer's hand qualifies, the hand with the highest ranking wins. If you have the higher ranked hand, you are paid out for your winning hand and receive double your ante.
An Ace is counted as high for any Straight. "

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