Game Information Kings or Better MH

Kings or Better MH

Kings or Better MH
Kings or Better starts like most video poker machines. At the beginning of the game, you can choose the denomination of the coins you would like to play with, as well as the amount of coins you want to play for (up to five are possible).
As the name of the game suggests, the goal is to make a hand of at least a pair of kings to win. But you will not have to do it alone with your initial five cards.
After seeing your initial hand, you will have the option to hold or discard each card. The game itself will be predetermined to hold any card that contributes to a winning hand.
Kings or Better MH

How to play Kings or Better MH

• The cards are scrambled after each hand.
• After placing your bet, you receive five initial cards. Click on the cards you wish to hold. Cards that are not insured will be discarded and replaced with new cards when you press GIVE CARDS. The ranking of your final five-card hand determines your prize, according to the paytable.
• You have the option of trying to multiply your prize by playing betting round of bet up to five times in a row and up to a limit of 1000 coins.
• Paytable rewards are displayed in currencies. To make the payments, the values of the payment table are multiplied by the value of the selected currency.
• Jokers are wild cards and can be used to create winning hands.
Bonus Games
When the bet is started, at least one round of bet must be held prior to picking.
Beat the Dealer The bank card is dealt face up. Select one of the four cards face down by clicking on it. If your card is higher than the bankroll, you double your winnings. If it is lower than the bankroll, you lose your gain. Results of same value are tie.
Bigger or smaller
Your goal is to guess whether the face-down card is higher or lower than 8 and select it by clicking the appropriate button. (A card with a value between 9 and Ace is higher, a card with a value between 2 and 7 is smaller.) If the card face down is 8, the game ends in a draw. You can play up to five consecutive times.
Red or Black
Your goal is to guess the color or suit of the card face down. Choose the color or the Card by clicking the appropriate button. If you hit the color, double your gain. If you hit the suit, quadruple your gain. You can play up to five consecutive times.
Unfinished Games
If your game round is interrupted, all game information and bets made are stored until you reopen the game. You can continue your unfinished round from the point of interruption. Malfunction cancels all payments and plays.

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