Game Information Offside And Seek

Offside And Seek

Offside And Seek
Offside and Seek is highly recommended for all football fans. Laughs and plenty of chances to win significant prizes are available in this game. Try to score a goal and win your match!
Offside And Seek

How to play Offside And Seek

Offside and Seek is an Instant Win card game.

Here you have 2 games:
Match three symbols to win and Score a goal to win.
You must play all the games before you can request a new card.
You can win up to a 10 000x multiplier value in each game.

Match three players to win Six scratch panels are displayed.
Match three symbols to win.
Only one winning combination is paid out per card.

Hit the wicket to win A soccer field is displayed.
Try to score a goal to win.
If you score a goal you win a multiplier value on your total bet amount.

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