Game Information Beat Me

Beat Me

Beat Me
For those who are looking for a simple table game this is the right game!
Beat Me brings the best cards to be the winner of this battle, feel challenged and win in this war.
An exciting betting option that allows for a tremendous 10: 1 draw event!
Wring your fingers to get the highest cards and start your fun.
Beat Me

How to play Beat Me

• In the Casino War, you and the dealer receive both a card.
• If your card is worth more, you win all the money (1: 1) in your bet.
• If your card ties in with the banker's card you can either hand in half of your bet or go to war.
• A winning bet on a tie pays 10: 1 but you can not make a draw bet only.
• The ranking of the cards is according to the respective values. The highest are the "Ace".
• If you decide to go to war, an additional war bet with the same value as the initial one is put on the table.
• You and the banker each receive a letter.
• If your card wins the dealer card your War bet pays the same bet (1: 1) and your initial bet is a draw.
• If the cards tie, your war round pays (1: 1) and your initial bet pays (1: 1).

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