Game Information Billion Dollar Gran- descont

Billion Dollar Gran- descont

Billion Dollar Gran- descont Grandma Florence is LOADED. Her husband passed away last year leaving her his millions and since then life’s been pretty good! Yep, Florence is living each day like it’s her last – she knows that she could be climbing aboard that stairlift to heaven any day. But for now she is… BILLION DOLLAR GRAN!
Billion Dollar Gran- descont

How to play Billion Dollar Gran- descont

On a lose the player may be offered holds on the next spin NUDGES The player may be awarded nudges after a spin – up to 4 nudges can be given. They can be represented in the following 4 ways:
This is a skill stop feature that allows the player to gamble up to the full 4 nudges. This is displayed to the user by lighting the Nudge Gamble light and the gamble button is enabled. If the player presses gamble, then he stops the flashing nudges. The player can then choose to gamble again or use the nudges. The player must collect their nudges before using them, which also stops them gambling for more nudges.
This feature is activated when the player uses all his current nudges and the game gives a “Nudge Repeat“ which gives the player the same amount of their original nudges again.
This feature can be activated if the player chooses to spin without using all his nudges, any unused nudges are carried over to the next spin. This feature is shown to the user by the “Bank Held” light flashing when the spin button is pressed.
it the end of any losing spin, they may be awarded a Shifta, which will keep reel 1, 2 or 3 where it is and step the other 2 reels down until a win occurs on the win line.
 This feature lasts 4 spins if the player holds the correct reels; if not then the feature is stopped. Below is the sequence of the 3 spins and what the player has to hold or not. Player is offered holds and holds 2 reels with the same symbol
Spin 1. With just 1 reel spinning, a symbol other than that held is spun in. Player should hold the same two reels, with the same symbols on them
Spin 2. Again With just 1 reel spinning, a symbol other than that held is spun in. Player should hold the same two reels.
Spin 3. The matching symbol is spun in and awards the reel win LET EM SPIN Let em Spin may happen when the player nudges a pair of fruits onto the win line. If Let em Spin is activated, the machine will show holds as normal, shake the reels and flash announce “Let Em Spin” on the alpha. If the player then spins the reels without holding anything then a win matching the 2 symbols left on the reels is spun in and awarded as normal. If feature entry is achieved the Let Em Spin feature will cancel allowing for the feature to start.
 Achieving three Bowls on the win line of the base game will award the “Bowling Green Video feature”. The aim of this bonus game is to bowl closest to the jack. Firstly the player chooses a bowl. Gran will bowl and 4 bowls down toward the jack. Depending where the bowl the player selected lands closest to the jack the player is paid out accordingly: 1st 2000x 2nd 250x 3rd 50x 4th 25x The player will always get a win from this feature.

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