Game Information Cash Clams

Cash Clams

Cash Clams Cash Clams is a classic video slot offering 3 reels filled with generous prizes on an aquatic theme. Classic Slot lovers will not be disappointed with Cash Clams!
Cash Clams

How to play Cash Clams

Cash Clams is a three reel, one payline slot machine. The objective of the game is to spin the reels so the symbols form a winning combination on the payline. The payout is dependent on the winning combination formed.

- Winnings paid out on the slot machine are dependent on the symbols displayed on the payline, once the reels have come to a stop.
- The number of credits won is dependent on the total number of coins won multiplied by the coin size you select.
- For a combination of regular symbols to produce a winning regular combination, the symbols must be next to each other on an enabled payline.
- Regular winning combinations pay out from left-to-right. At least one of the symbols must be displayed on the first slot reel. A symbol combination starting from the second or third slot reel does not pay out.

The Cash Clams symbol is a wild, multiplier symbol. This symbol:
- Doubles the payout of any combination where one symbol completes as a wild symbol.
- Quadruples the payout of any combination two symbols complete as wild symbols.
- Creates its own winning combination when multiple symbols appear in a line on an enabled payline.

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