Game Information Cash n Curry - descont

Cash n Curry - descont

Cash n Curry - descont The video slot Cash 'n Curry is hot enough to leave you gasping, with fast and exciting gameplay and the chance to show off your skills and make a meal of your good fortune. Be delighted by tempting bonus dishes like a Bhaji Bonus, Chicken Ticker, Rogan Dosh, Bombay Mix and the big money Vindaloot and Curry Go Round, where rewards up to x500 are achievable!
Cash n Curry - descont

How to play Cash n Curry - descont

Feature Description
The feature trail is reached by filling out the Balti rack. Filling a line in the Balti rack with colored Baltis triggers the trail. The feature trail contains a series of sub-features that can be reached by spinning the hot balti-reel once the feature trail has started. Further progress along the trail is made by continuing to spin the balti reel. However, progress is assisted or hindered by the amount of coolant the Player has left in their pint glass. If the Player runs out of coolant they lose their position and the feature ends returning to the reels. Or if they run out on a feature square, they are awarded that feature.

Every time the Player lands on a feature, the coolant level is reduced by one. If the Player lands on a feature position they can choose to collect that feature. And then the feature is played out or they can continue and roll the dice again in hope of landing on a more valuable position.

There are a number of positions where the Player loses or gains coolant:
These will all cause the Player to lose some coolant:
- Big Gulp -Down in 1

These will cause the Player to gain some coolant:
-Top Up
-Cheeky Half

If the Player lands on the Take a Breather or Start position the Player just spins the reel again.

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