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Cloud Quest

Cloud Quest
The sky is the limit in CloudQuest, an ideal slot for casino lovers. Have fun with the 25 symbols of the gang and you will be rewarded by the kingdom with special prizes.
Have the courage to activate the exciting bonus to take advantage of up to 20 free rounds and face the fierce monsters to multiply your credits and win up to 100 times your bet!
No warrior will be able to resist so many chances to win!
Cloud Quest

How to play Cloud Quest

• Payline prizes are adjusted to the number of payment lines selected, according to the information in the payment table and the rules of the game.
• When you win in several pay lines in a single round of the game, all prizes are added.
• All winnings of the Advantages (such as Free Spins), Bonus Games and / or Scatters (if applicable) are also added to the prizes of the payment lines.
• All winning combinations are paid at the end of the game.
• The advantages of Free Spins are disputed with the same bet and the same number of lines selected from the round of the game that triggered the advantage, unless otherwise stated.
• The bet can not be changed during a round of disputed play. See the rules of the game for more information.
• Before each round, a line in the grid is called the "BONUS" line.
• If you release all 5 symbols on this line, the bonus round is activated.
• If you cast the 25 symbols of the game gang, the kingdom grants you a special reward!
• The game also includes a Super Power symbol that activates certain sections of the Super Powers wheel.
• This wheel provides the opportunity to win a free re-spin with one of four special superpowers to help you win more.
• The re-turn is based on the same bet he made in the activating spin and there is no "BONUS" line.
• The greater the number of Superpower symbols in the combination that activates the wheel, the greater the number of sections on the wheel that will be activated (lit): In winning combinations of 3 Superpower symbols, a section of the wheel is activated . In winning combinations of 4 Superpower symbols, two sections of the wheel are activated. In winning combinations of 5 superpower symbols, three sections of the wheel are activated.
• A pointer appears and rotates clockwise around the wheel.
• If you stop in an activated section, you will receive a free re-spin.
• The type of superpower that will be applied in its re-turn is indicated by the icon that appears in the center of the Superpower wheel. The four types of superpowers are: - Five of the fortune: In the re-turn, the prizes of all the winning combinations are multiplied by 5. Resistance Emblem: On re-turn, two "tough" jokers fall into different positions on the grid to help you form winning combinations. These wild symbols continue on the grid, unless you form a combination with only wild cards.
• Abundance Mark: In the re-turn, you receive extra jokers generated by winning combinations: The middle symbol in a combination of three corresponding symbols is replaced by a wild card.
• The two middle symbols in a combination of four matching symbols are replaced by wild cards. The alternating symbols of a winning combination of five corresponding symbols are replaced by wild cards.
• Spread Success: In the re-turn, all the symbols can work scattered to generate extra profits. The maximum prize of any spread symbol winnings is the same as a combination of 5 consecutive symbols of the same type in the main game.
• Up to three sections of the Super Power wheel can be activated by scattered Super Power symbols during that benefit.
• Wild symbols may appear in the initial drop, but no new wild cards appear after winning combinations.
• The bonus round is activated when all five symbols on the line defined as "BONUS" are released.
• At the start of the bonus round, you randomly win 5 to 20 free bonus spins on a 3 reel slot and a single line.
• Your objective is to defeat the enemy monster in each of the five different steps using the bonus spins. To defeat each monster and move on to the next step, you must reach a certain number of winning combinations. This number is different in each step. Alternatively, you can defeat any monster instantly by taking a combination of three bonus brands.
• When you defeat a monster, you win three extra bonus spins and advance to the next step to face the next monster.
• The prizes of the winning combinations of each stage increase, since they are multiplied by the number of the step in which it is.
• When you defeat the fifth and last monster, you receive a special prize that equals your total bet multiplied by 100!
• You also receive double your total bet for each bonus spin you did not use.
• The game also allows you to collect experience points (XP) for each monster you defeat, so you can boast for your friends and other players when you reach the maximum level! • Bets are selected using the bet buttons at the bottom of the game.
• Click on the plus and minus buttons to change the bet one step at a time.
• To start the round, click START. When the symbols fall, those that are displayed will determine their prize according to the payment table. • Change your bet - Click on any of the five bet buttons to select a bet or use the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the bet in one step.
• Payment Table - Changes the payment table screen.
• Autoplay - Click on the AUTO GAME button to activate / deactivate the automatic game advantage. In the automatic game mode, a number of consecutive rounds of game starts automatically using your current bet.
• The automatic game mode is automatically deactivated depending on your configuration or if your balance is too low.

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