Game Information Drone Wars

Drone Wars

Drone Wars “In a galaxy far, far away“, you are invited to fight the evil Drones for intergalactic riches greater than a star fleet. Flying through space, you and your crew can win all the treasures of the universe. Destroy the drones and save the planet!
Drone Wars

How to play Drone Wars

Drone Wars is a 25 line game with 2 features. The theme is about a war between humans and Drones. The game has 2 ‘combat’ features that give the player different ways to interact with the theme.

With 3 or more scatters, the player can choose 1 of 2 attacks against the Drones.

Mission 1 – Planetary Assault:
The player receives 5 free spins. Each spin is attacked by Drone ships. Each wave of attacks is destroyed and the Drones leave behind Wilds where they were destroyed. The other positions in the reel window are spun up and wins are paid.

Mission 2 – Space Assault:
The screen transitions into the assault screen and 5 Drones attack the player. The player chooses Drones to destroy. Each destroyed Drone will award coins to the player. Each Drone also has a chance to shoot back at the player. Drones that fire back at the player will remove a shield from the player’s ship. The feature ends when either the player runs out of shields or they destroyed 20 Drones. If the player manages to destroy 20 Drones they will be awarded an additional prize.

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