Game Information European Roulette Gold

European Roulette Gold

European Roulette Gold European Roulette Gold is the well established European Roulette with an innovative neighbor betting track feature and a call bets facility that will add to the convenience and enjoyment of play.
European Roulette Gold takes this ancient and absorbing game to a new level of action using 21st century virtual technology to make bets easy to place and track. Give it a whirl!
European Roulette Gold

How to play European Roulette Gold

European Roulette Gold is European Roulette with added betting features. A Neighbor betting track feature and a Call Bets feature. By selecting a number on the neighbor betting track displayed on the table, a bet in the currently selected chip size is placed on the table. The bets placed are on the neighbors of the selected number, as they appear on the roulette wheel. The number of neighbors placed can be altered by the player from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 8. The player can also place Call Bets on the table. Call Bets are group of pre-named and pre-determined bets. Call Bets are equivalent to bets that are normally shouted out in a land-based casino for the dealer to place. The player can choose to place one or multiple of these Call Bets on the table.  

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