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 Golden Cryptex

Golden Cryptex

Golden Cryptex Golden Cryptex's features involve cracking a code, and it's not exactly hard code - just hit five of the same matching symbols and the mechanical parts start spinning and spinning. How it works is that there are five symbols in a row above the three reels, which is called the Cryptex Code. During the base game, these symbols are aces, although they change to free spins. To the left of the reels is an arrow called the Golden Pointer, and during base game it points to the middle row. The objective is to get 5 Aces on the Golden Pointer line, which results in a payout and also awards 10 Golden Spins. Some additional rules here. If 3 or 4 aces land on the Golden Pointer's line, there is a chance that the game will re-roll the lines that do not have aces. This is called a second chance feature. The second rule is that if there are more Aces on the top or bottom row, the game can move the Golden Pointer to that row and trigger Second Chance returns.

Golden Cryptex

How to play Golden Cryptex

Rules inside the game.

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