Game Information Money Wheel

Money Wheel

Money Wheel
A wheel-y wonderful time awaits you in Money Wheel, a simple yet exciting table game, where the only objective is predicting which position the pointer will land on for each spin of the wheel.
Will you play it safe on the common low paying numbers, or cheer for the Joker (Dragon) and Star (Flower) positions which will reward your luck with larger payouts?
Pick your desired chip value then select a betting position to place your bet – the choice is yours!
Your heart rate will surely increase as you keep an eye on the pointer while the wheel slowly comes to a stop! Money Wheel will test just how good your guessing game is!
Money Wheel

How to play Money Wheel

In Money Wheel, your goal is to predict and guess which number will stop the rulet.
You can place a bet in any of the seven available positions. After choosing the bets, press the ROTATE button to start the game round and turn the wheel wheel spinner. The indicator at the top will stop between the stakes to determine the winning number. All winning bets are returned to the player.
Making bets
To place your bet, click on the desired tab and then click on the position of the table you wish to place. The chip will be added to the desired position of your total bet. All bets must conform to the limits of the table. To delete a bet, select the 'X' tab and then select the bet you want to eliminate. To eliminate all bets, click CLEAN ALL.
Unfinished Games
If the game round is stopped, all game information and bets placed are stored until the game is reopened. You can continue your round not completed from the point of interruption. The malfunction cancels all payments and plays.

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