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 Rome: The Golden Age

Rome: The Golden Age

Rome: The Golden Age If there is one civilization that has exhibited contradictions difficult for modern minds to comprehend, it is the ancient Romans. One side of his psyche was about morals and values, leaving behind some of the most beautiful architecture, literature and art the world has ever seen. On the other side of the coin, amphitheaters throughout the ancient world attest to levels of violence that are difficult to comprehend by contemporary standards. It is to this world of blood and battle that we turn in Rome: The Golden Age, an equally dangerous slot designed by developer NetEnt. The main game takes place in what is essentially an old-world corporate box. That is, a terrace with marble floors and marble columns that offers the best view of the brutal action taking place in the arena. A set of spools arranged in a 3-4-5-4-3 layout is surrounded by more marble in the form of statues, tastefully covering their naughty parts. It's a beautiful sight, come to battle!

Rome: The Golden Age

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