Game Information Spin Magic - Descontinuado

Spin Magic - Descontinuado

Spin Magic - Descontinuado Roll up Roll up and have a spin on Spin Magic! Hit the “wheel of fortune” feature will and win up to 8000x your stake!
Spin Magic - Descontinuado

How to play Spin Magic - Descontinuado

Select the bet value by pressing the BET button, and then press the START button to spin the reels. During the reel-spin, press START to quick-stop the reels.
Should the player obtain a winning combination over any active win-line, the win is displayed on the alphanumeric and the player transferred to the gamble game as described below.
If the player has credit in the super-meter, then he is transferred to the super-game and locked-in.

The gamble is a double-or-nothing game played using red and black cards. The player has various options available to them during the gamble game:
• Collect: The total win value is transferred to the bank and the player returns to the reel game.
• Collect Part: A value of 20x bet is transferred to the bank and the player may continue to gamble the rest. This may be repeated until the gamble value is under 20x bet where pressing “part collect” again will transfer the remaining value to the bank and return the player to the reel game.
• Transfer to super-meter: Pressing the START button will transfer the gamble value to the super-meter (used to play the highest stakes) and return the player to the reel game. This is only available on bet value 10 or higher.
• Gamble: The player chooses Red or Black and the cards animates to an outcome. A win doubles the gambled value, a lose ends the game with no win and returns the player to the reel game.

The super game is played at a fixed bet of 20 credits and uses credit from the super-meter (awarded from gamble). The player is not able to change game or bet type. He is locked in until one or more of the following conditions are met:
• All points in the super-meter are exhausted
• Insufficient points in the super-meter (any remainder is transferred to credit)
• Player pressed TRANSFER to move points to gamble
• Player pressed COLLECT to move points to the bank
If the player opts to gamble his super-meter value, then the gamble game is started and operates as described above.
Should the player achieve the jackpot prize, the value is automatically to the credit meter.


In the super game, a mystery award of between 20 and 8000 is awarded by the player spinning two wheel symbols across any two reel positions (27 win-lines).
Any pair of symbols will award a single bonus wheel spin.
At this point the screen would transition into a large wheel and begin a “wheel of fortune” type spin.
The prize the wheel stops on is then awarded to the player.
In the case where you are awarded more than 1 pair of symbols (i.e. if you get 3 symbols it would award 3 spins, 3 pairs of 2). "

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