Game Information Track And Fieldmouse - Descontinuado

Track And Fieldmouse - Descontinuado

Track And Fieldmouse - Descontinuado If you enjoy British pub-style fruit machines, then you'll probably love this slot game. “Track and Field Mouse” is a 3 reel pub slot set in an athletics course, where mice compete in various disciplines. Both luck and skills are involved on this game.
Track And Fieldmouse - Descontinuado

How to play Track And Fieldmouse - Descontinuado


On a losing spin the player may be offered holds on the next spin.

The player may be awarded nudges after a spin. Nudges in value between 1 and 4 can be given.

This is a skill stop feature that allows the player to gamble up to the full 4 nudges. This is displayed to the user by lighting the Nudge Gamble light and the gamble button is enabled. If the player presses gamble, then the flashing nudges will stop. The player can then choose to gamble again or use the nudges. The player must collect their nudges before using them, which also stops them gambling for more nudges.

This feature is activated when the player uses all their current nudges and The Game gives a “Nudge Repeat“. In this instance the player is awarded the same amount of their original nudges.

This feature can be activated if the player chooses to spin without using all their nudges. The unused nudges may be carried over to the next spin. This feature is shown to the user by the “Nudge Bank Held” light.

SHIFTA At the end of any losing spin, the player may be awarded a Shifta. When active this will keep reel 1, 2 or 3 where it is and step the other 2 reels down until a win occurs.

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