Game Information La Catrina

La Catrina

La Catrina With all her sympathy and coquetry, La Catrina offers great prizes and lots of fun!
By completing the perimeter, you will have access to a bonus that will allow you to get many extra prizes! Besides that, it has up to 9 extra balls to increase your winnings!
La Catrina

How to play La Catrina

Choose how many cards you want to play with, by clicking on "cards".
You can start a bingo play with 1, 2, 3 or 4 active cards. Choose the numbers of your cards by clicking on "numbers".
Click "Play" to draw the first 30 balls and begin to play. If you prefer, you can click on "Auto" and set the machine to automatic games.
If at the end of this initial draw just one ball were missing to complete a winning pattern, you will be offered up to 9 extra balls of variable value so you try to complete this prize.
If you want to buy the extra ball, click on "Extra". Otherwise, click on "Cancel".

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