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 Turbo H

Turbo H

Turbo H Turbo H invites you to enter the field and play fun and exciting bingo games.
You have the option to play with up to 4 cards open and the chance to get up to 13 extra balls, with 12 payment methods that will drive you crazy! The possibility of withdrawing the jackpot on any bet will make you vibrate and cheer on each ball drawn.
Hit the turbo and have real fun!
Turbo H

How to play Turbo H

Choose from 1 to 4 cards and their lucky numbers, press PLAY or TURBO and start the game. There are 13 Extra Balls and 12 possible prizes on each card. According to your possibilities, you increase your chances of winning the prizes offered.  Extra balls  EXTRA balls when offered, can be purchased in order, extra ball is pressed, or in any order if you "click" on the desired ball. The last ball (13th big) can be bought if all the other 12 small ones were bought first. To cancel the purchase, just click cancel.  Earnings  To access the jackpot it is necessary to play with all four cards open in any bet. The Jackpot will be paid when completing the entire Card up to the 30th Ball, on any bet proportionally. The Jackpots are adjusted to the chosen currency - 20% is awarded for Bet 1, 40% for Bet 2, and 100% for bet 3 (three) onwards. Depending on the bet and the amount of credit being played, only part of the jackpot can be won. The ACCUMULATED is valid for BET 3 OR GREATER AND WITH CREDIT VALUE 0.25. If one premium paid is fully covered by another, only the highest value will be paid.

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