Game Information ZenBingo (CP)

ZenBingo (CP)

ZenBingo (CP) Enter the world of meditation , knowledge and wealth.
Discover this mystical game that brought you many rounds with jackpots and more.
Choose your cards , and if you win with the first 30 balls , the accumulated will be yours.
Have fun and win with Zenbingo!
ZenBingo (CP)

How to play ZenBingo (CP)

- Choose how many cards you want to play with, by clicking on "Cards". You can start a bingo game with 1, 2, 3 or 4 active cards.
- Choose your cards numbers by clicking on "Numbers”. Click "Play" or "Turbo" to draw the first 33 balls and start playing. If you prefer, you can click on "Auto" and set the machine to automatic mode.
- In the case that at the end of this initial draw, you just need one ball to complete a winning pattern of at least 40x, you will be offered up to 16 extra balls of variable price so you can try to complete this prize.
- If you want to buy the extra ball, click on “Extra". Otherwise, click on “Cancel"
- If your card is completed within the first 30 balls, you will be able to win the jackpot. Remember that the winning the jackpot will cancel other eventual prizes of the play.

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