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Finn and the Swirly Spin

Finn and the Swirly Spin Take a trip to the Emerald Isle and find the magical elf Finn waiting for you to have a lot of fun! Finn is willing to help him find his pot of gold, located at the end of the rainbow. The key to Finn's gold is laid out in the 5x5 grid, and each horizontal or vertical row containing 3 or more symbols will unlock a path to the center with a keyhole. With the doors unlocked, this happy leprechaun will lead you to all sorts of treasures and, by gathering more keys, open other magical doors.

Embark on this journey and collect many prizes!

Finn and the Swirly Spin

How to play Finn and the Swirly Spin

A 5x5 video slot, it features a free spins key, 4 different types of free spins and a random feature with 4 variations.
The symbols follow a spiral pattern starting at the bottom left corner of the reels and ending at the center position.

A coin win equals the coin win multiplied by the coin value.
Only the highest win per win pays out.
At least 3 matching symbols in a row, horizontally or vertically, appearing anywhere on the reels is a win. Simultaneous wins in different victory matches are added.

Swing Mechanism
In each of the 25 spaces, 25 symbols appear, separate and independent from those surrounding it.
The winning symbols will be destroyed and the rest of the symbols will move to fill the empty space.
The symbols move from the highest numbered spaces to the next lowest numbered spaces in the direction of the arrow.

Win matches
Any horizontal or vertical line of 3 or more of the same symbol is a win.
A single row or column can contain more than 1 win.
When 3 or 4 Wilds are adjacent in a vertical or horizontal line, they can only substitute for the symbols on either side of the line, which means that a group of Wilds cannot create a win alone.
Wins with only Wild symbols are only counted if no other winning combination is possible, horizontally or vertically. When this occurs, Wilds will substitute for the highest paying symbol according to the paytable.

Free spins key symbol
The bottom left spot on the reels will always start with a free spins key symbol.
The Free Spins Key symbol will progress towards the center as wins occur and the remaining symbols avalanche.
The Free Spins Key symbol cannot disappear during the main game.
Free Spins are activated if the Free Spins Key symbol is in the center position when there are no more winning combinations and all avalanches are completed.
Each time the Free Spins Key symbol hits the center and triggers Free Spins, a key meter in the bottom right corner of the game screen increases by 1.
The key meter will not reset each time the game is exited with a player able to continue playing with the full number of keys collected upon restarting the game.
The spin key symbol is in the center position, so a free spins game is awarded. The player can choose between 4 different Free Spins games, each corresponding to one of the

Free Spins.
During the initial Free Spins game, only one Random Resource can be chosen. After completing the initial Free Spins game, the player will be returned to the main game and will not be able to select another Free Spins game.
During the initial Free Spins game, only one Random Resource can be chosen. After completing the initial Free Spins game, the player will be returned to the main game and will not be able to select another Free Spins game.
One Random Feature is awarded per Free Spins game and this Random Feature always happens on the first drop of each Free Spins game, with the exception of the Dragon Destroy Feature.
No free spins key symbols appear during free spins.
Initially, only one Free Spins game is available to choose from, however more can be unlocked after a certain number of Free Spins spins.
Additional free spins are unlocked in the following order: Star Bar Free Spins, Lava Lair Free Spins, Lucky Mug Free Spins and Golden Pot Free Spins.
*Lucky Mug Free Spins requires 9 keys to unlock.
*Golden Pot Free Spins requires 16 keys to unlock.
*Lava Lair Free Spins requires 4 keys to unlock.
*Star Bar free spins require 1 key to unlock.

The total number of keys displayed in the key meter does not decrease when a Free Spins game is selected.
Star Bar free spins work the same as the random Starfall Wilds feature in the main game.
If Star Bar Free Spins are triggered, 7 Star Bar Free
Spins are awarded with the random Starfall Wilds feature. During Lava Lair Free Spins, a Sticky Wild always appears in place of the Free Spins Key symbol in the main game.
If Lava Lair Free Spins are triggered, 3 Lava Lair Free Spins will be awarded with the Dragon Destroy Random Feature.

Random Resources
After the initial spin, a Random Resource may be awarded.
Whether or not a Random Feature will be awarded is determined once all symbols have stopped and, if so, will be applied immediately before any wins are awarded.
A random feature may not occur after the initial rotation result.
There are 4 different types of random resources that can be earned: Starfall Wilds, Dragon Destroy, Irish Luck and Magic Transform.
The Dragon Destroy feature can only be activated if there are no wins before the Dragon Destroy feature is activated.
The Dragon Destroy feature will destroy a random number of symbols which will trigger another avalanche. This occurs in such a way that a victory is guaranteed after the avalanche.
The Starfall Wilds feature places 2 or more Wilds on the reels at random. Wilds can appear in a random pattern or in a row. If the Wilds are placed in a random pattern, the positions are chosen at random, however they are not placed over the free spins key symbol. If after the Wilds are placed, no win occurs, a Wild will continue to be added at random locations until a win occurs.
If the Wilds are placed in a row, each of the ten vertical or horizontal rows is chosen at random. This occurs until a line is found that does not contain the free spins key symbol. Wilds must appear adjacent to each other on the chosen line with their positions chosen evenly from all combinations where all wilds are adjacent.

The Magic Transform feature will turn all spades and hearts symbols into another higher paying symbol. The symbol that transforms can be different for spades and hearts symbols.
There are 16 (4x4) possible transformations, as each spades and hearts symbol has 4 potential outcomes of what it can transform into.
All spade symbols will turn into your chosen ones. symbol and all heart symbols will change into your chosen symbol.
The Irish Luck feature can only be activated when there is no win present on the reels after the initial spin. A horizontal or vertical line of one type of symbol, except for a Wild symbol, is added to the reels giving a guaranteed win.
Whether the added line is horizontal or vertical is chosen randomly.
If the chosen line contains a Free Spins Key, it will be chosen again until a line is found that does not contain a Free Spins Key.

Malfunction voids plays and winnings.

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