Game Information Power 4 Bonus

Power 4 Bonus

Power 4 Bonus More prizes, more bonuses, and more fun! Your chances of winning increased, now you’ll have 4 different chances to reach big prizes. In this new game, you will be able to have fun with the exclusive slot game, where you may win even more prizes, combining figures in the reels.

Celebrate exciting moments!
Power 4 Bonus

How to play Power 4 Bonus

- To start a game, press the play button.
- To play automatically until you reach Extra Ball, press the Auto button.
- You may choose the number of active cards.
- To change the numbers in the cards, press the corresponding icon.
- Select the bet which you want to play with.
- Pick the monetary value of each credit.
- There are 4 cards with 15 numbers each.
- You may find the draw speed and volume controls in the options Menu.
- You may deposit new credits during the game.
-Minimize your session, go to the deposits area, confirm your transaction, and wait for the credits update on the game screen.
Jackpot: To win the JACKPOT, you must complete Bingo on the 30th ball or before. In games with 5x5 cards, it’s on the 44th ball or before.
The minimum bet to opt-in for the JACKPOT varies according to the value of each selected credit. In some games, the value of the JACKPOT may be proportional to the performed bet.
Extra Ball: In some situations, you may find yourself in the EXTRA BALL mode. To buy an EXTRA BALL with the indicated price on the screen, press the EXTRA button.
Z Ball: During the game in EXTRA BALL, a Z BALL may appear.
The Z Ball allows you to manually select any number from the open cards. In case you don’t select any number, one that gives more prizes directly will be select automatically.
Bonus: Almost each game has its own bonus phase, where it is possible to win new prizes. To enter the bonus phase, you’ll have to complete the pattern in each active game of it.

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